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Published on March 19, 2018

By Jocelyn – Age 15 | Subscribe:… | Record your story @ or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story.

It’s hard enough to go from middle school to high school, even harder when you are going to a brand new school, but imagine doing all of that AND being deaf – the only deaf student in the school.

That’s what Jocelyn was going through when she entered 9th grade – alone in a big new school, without a friend, and feeling so out of place being a deaf person in a hearing world. Her choclear implants ASL helped her to hear, just a bit, but they also looked strange to the other kids. She didn’t know anyone, had no friends there, and nobody seemed to care about her, or noticed that she was all alone.

In fact, because she was deaf, the other kids ignored her, or looked at her strangely and whispered to each other. This all made her feel even more alone, more different. She felt so isolated. Her deafness seemed to be holding her back and and stopped students from getting close to her in a way she should be just like any other kid.

Then, one day in poetry class, a boy sitting in front of her passed her a note. She had never gotten a note before. He asked her is she wanted a friend. She could hardly believe it, hardly trust it – but there he was, asking, sincere. She said yes and, eventually, they became best friends!

He spoke to her as if she wasn’t deaf, and that made her so happy. He made her feel like she belonged. He treated her just like any other hearing person. And they did what any other friends would do, went to the Mall, to Starbucks, and the library to study and draw.

He began to experience a day though a deaf person’s eyes. Now they are always hanging out together. And he taught Jocelyn the true meaning of friendship, which was the greatest gift she had ever received. It changed her, brought her back to life, and for that, Jocelyn will always be thankful and grateful.

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